Terminus (9:40)

Leaves Turn Inside You 封面




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  曲目   曲长 听众
Unwound - Demons Sing Love Songs 4:03 20,631
Unwound - Off This Century 5:30 18,880
Drive Like Jehu - Here Come The Rome Plows 5:43 43,931
Slint - Nosferatu Man 7:10 109,801
Slint - Don, Aman 6:23 106,125
Drive Like Jehu - Human Interest 3:23 30,966





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  • Koybz

    I could probably listen to the last part forever.

    2月 22日 3:34 回复
  • LedDivision


    2月 10日 18:41 回复
  • Mar_gel

    epic ending.

    2月 9日 1:36 回复
  • Langer_Hans

    That fucking ending

    1月 4日 14:17 回复
  • andu_


    2014年 12月 18日 回复
  • Georg_Bonk

    Unwound > gybe umad Meshuggah You! Black Terminus? [∞]

    2014年 10月 16日 回复
  • Tanmut

    Wonderful song. I really like the "symphonic" approach, even the composition has qualities of classical music.

    2014年 9月 14日 回复
  • wiseblood-


    2014年 8月 15日 回复
  • Bequeathed

    this is sooo good

    2014年 7月 25日 回复
  • bloodmaw

    v it's really 3 sections, and i disagree, this song works in full.

    2014年 7月 22日 回复
  • fuminsho_

    should be two tracks

    2014年 6月 6日 回复
  • Gwynbleiddsfang

    umad Meshuggah? [∞]

    2013年 12月 26日 回复
  • miserific

    The ending is so good that I had to to make a loop track of it that is about 7 minutes long, wish I had made it longer :/

    2013年 10月 4日 回复
  • NarooN

    Glad to see so many others who feel the same way I do about this song. I remember when I first heard it, I didn't even realize all three parts were the same track. The song starts out alright, like a typical Unwound song, the second part was a brilliant transformation, then the last part is just pure mind-blowing awesomeness. Best track off the album, definitely.

    2013年 6月 6日 回复
  • mootles

    sick song man definitely my fave off of leaves

    2013年 2月 16日 回复
  • Amnesiac2112

    This song is so awesome, even just the segue at the end is excellent...this was an album that grew on me and once it did I couldn't stop listening.

    2012年 9月 26日 回复
  • redevol727

    If there was a loop of the ending I'd listen to it for days

    2012年 8月 31日 回复
  • rewinddude

    very godspeed. love it !

    2012年 3月 31日 回复
  • _KevMusic_

    Disco drums!

    2012年 3月 30日 回复
  • Saucepan

    Three parts to this song. Beginning 'solid', second part 'wow, nice change unwound!', third 'impossibly perfect, godlike, eyes glaze over and collapse'.

    2012年 3月 24日 回复
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