Cry Baby (3:23)

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  曲目   曲长 听众
The Rifles - Little Boy Blue (Human Needs) 6:44 3,859
The Rifles - Falling 3:28 5,169
The Courteeners - No You Didn't, No You Don't 3:59 76,513
The Pigeon Detectives - Caught In Your Trap 2:01 57,217
The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me 2:07 82,480
Milburn - Lucy Lovemenot 2:11 28,274





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  • robertouribe

    The very thing that's so outstanding You never really know your worth And finding heaven here on earth Is hard I know But if you never move your feet from standing Then how you gonna make it work But maybe given time You'll learn in my heart you're gold. When everything gets so demanding The pretty little way you smile Is never gonna let you hide the things I already know So when every little thing that you're planning Don't work out or falls behind, baby realize That you can't be right, first time every time. Why can't you be happy, just to be And why can't we be everything you need (and I need you so). 'Cos you're only skin and bones You never realize Yeah You're only skin and bones You can cry baby cry And you're only here alone If you decide to be But you're only skin and bones So cry baby for me. Under fire, I'm your cover You'll never need another You're never on your own You'll never lose control at all.

    2012年 8月 21日 回复
  • orientfanmb

    Prefer the demo version.

    2011年 9月 19日 回复