Peace Frog (3:00)



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There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles
(She came)
There's blood on the streets, it's up to my knee
(She came)

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  • elciscokid

    Being from CT, I get a kick out of the New Haven reference. He wasn't too happy there, getting maced by a cop before the show for no reason and later getting arrested on stage circa 1967. Darn those little blue men in those little blue hats!!!

    11月 12日 4:00 回复
  • Malkamillian

    This track is the basis for Inspiral Carpets entire career.

    11月 7日 17:22 回复
  • RAY7654321

    Listening to the album "Morrison Hotel" released February 1970 and a welcome relief to me and all Doors fans who assumed after the disappointing "Soft Parade" album, the 'Miami Incident' and all the canceled concerts it caused the Doors where over. They were a strong group but Mr Morrison's excessed were way over the top. Saw them in Philadelphia Pa on May 1, 1970 and was totally disappointed by Mr Morrison's drunken performance.

    10月 20日 15:30 回复
  • nicorebel

    groovy (5)

    9月 18日 9:48 回复
  • ringsheep

    lol this riff sounds closely like 'smells like teen spirit'

    4月 3日 18:14 回复
  • MKilgour

    John has been doing some reddit / interview stuff lately. Pretty cool

    3月 21日 12:55 回复
  • njokmo413

    what a great riff :)

    3月 12日 7:15 回复
  • JimiVonMicrodot

    RIP Ray

    1月 23日 20:47 回复
  • Cure1980

    The Doors a milestone in psychedelic music.RIP Jim Morrison

    2013年 12月 18日 回复
  • nicorebel

    groovy (4)

    2013年 11月 27日 回复
  • Tom_Pullings

    yeah! love that funky riff

    2013年 8月 21日 回复
  • LegitScammer


    2013年 8月 14日 回复
  • Sulisk


    2013年 8月 9日 回复
  • nicorebel

    groovy (3)

    2013年 8月 5日 回复
  • nicorebel

    groovy (2)

    2013年 6月 18日 回复
  • nicorebel

    groovy. (Ray Manzarek RIP)

    2013年 5月 21日 回复
  • freddtedd

    Fine as ever,a delight

    2013年 5月 19日 回复
  • gratefulsage

    another dead guy talking to me.

    2013年 5月 1日 回复
  • Anne5419

    just good

    2013年 3月 23日 回复
  • crispolly

    She came and then she drove away, sunlight in her hair...

    2013年 2月 23日 回复
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