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The Decemberists



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The Decemberists,十二月党,来自来自于 Portland, Oregon, United States的Indie Rock, Chamber Pop, Indie Pop,Progressive folk 5人乐队.成员分别是Colin Meloy,Chris Funk,Jenny Conlee,Nate Query,John Moen.
他们的名字源自于俄国乐队Decembrist Revolt 和与12月相关联的某些氛围.(=.=不会翻译the atmosphere associated with the month of December).他们的歌曲曲风多变.从upbeat pop 到 lush ballads.他们经常会使用一些像手风琴这样的乐器.在歌词创作方面,他们避免了那些和现代摇滚乐队取材相同的内容,诸如愤怒,焦虑或者自我反省. 取而代之的是他们具有叙事风格的歌词.比如下面这几句歌词. “My mother was a Chinese trapeze artist / In pre-war Paris / Smuggling bombs for the underground” (选自歌曲 “My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist”, 专集5 Songs) 和 “We are two mariners / Our ships’ sole survivors / In this belly of a whale / Its ribs our ceiling beams / Its guts our carpeting / I guess we have some time to kill” (“The Mariner’s Revenge Song”, 选自专集 Picaresque). 他们的歌讲述的传说故事从怪异的”Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect”到史诗风格的(“The Tain”) .他们常调用从世界各地搜罗来的传说故事. 早期, The Decemberists的音乐和歌词内容经常被评论家与 Neutral Milk Hotel相比较. 从他们的首次演出开始他们的歌就一直处于演变和发展中,比较显著的就是他们虽深受folk的影响但却一直没有停下向progressive rock转变的脚步

The Decemberists今年的新专辑《The Crane Wife》(鹤妻)便是以此为主题,专辑旋律轻松悦耳,歌词中度情节,依旧具备强烈的画面感,Colin Meloy熟悉的嗓音,还是原来的十二月人,还是那些熟悉的记忆。

十二月人核心Colin Meloy曾经在Tarkio担任主唱,在2oo1和其他四位成员组成The Decemberists,目前在独立乐坛有着挺响光的名气。

The Decemberists有着他们独特的魅力,其中最大的因素应该是Colin Meloy“文人系诗人”的派别称号, Colin Meloy这位来自美国密苏里州的文学学士凭借其文学修养为我们带来一个个包罗万象、光怪陆离的故事。在他们EP《5 Songs》低调走民谣路线,Colin Meloy也以平民质朴的精神在传唱;到了首张专辑《Castaways and Cutouts》,民谣主调加上怪异歌词的调味,但是这次有所不同的是,专辑体现的音乐性不再是低调的民谣而已,The








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  • paulomatico

    A little anticipation and twin twink: http://theoldbluerockpalaceshow.tumblr.com/

    11月 22日 16:25 回复
  • edaz

    "Like the perfect paramour//you were in your letters" Make You Better - Terrific single

    11月 8日 22:02 回复
  • RebelGlassZero

    colin meloy & I share a birthday. I believe we have a kinship that goes deeper than water or blood. also, "Make You Better" is great.

    11月 8日 7:24 回复
  • Moonlooper

    I am way too excited for this new album. Make You Better is a perfect song. I hope they at least have a couple longer narrative-based ones, but as long as they are all quality, I won't complain. Just give me that North American Tour and we will be all square, Colin!

    11月 4日 0:09 回复
  • banana-tail

    I heard Make You Better for the first time when Colin played it at the Fonda in LA last January. I had a perfect video of it, and I loved the song so much that I listened to it constantly! And then I got a new phone and I lost the video and I was so sad...now I've just bought the single and I can't stop listening to it!!

    11月 3日 20:33 回复
  • Agallochy

    "Make You Better" is beautiful!

    11月 3日 19:35 回复
  • sacason

    WOOOOH GET HYPED www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYKy0i5HRLg&feature=youtu.be

    11月 3日 0:19 回复
  • Marisoul

    What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World. Now, that's a great name

    10月 25日 10:37 回复
  • Scintillante

    hipster garbage

    10月 3日 19:51 回复
  • sls

    also if "Music is a no-border, no-politics expression AFAIK" I have an album full of patriotic songs and national anthems that'll blow your mind.

    8月 20日 22:54 回复
  • transparentman

    neww album coming soon!

    8月 7日 0:12 回复
  • ML_IDLM_KTN_12

    "Not sure why most of the bands of the US, have to reinforce that they are from the USA by showing their flag a lot, like trying to brain wash the viewers.. Music is a no-border, no-politics expression AFAIK" - said in a shoutbox of a band whose profile pic shows the frontman with a soviet passport.

    7月 8日 4:28 回复
  • Adthey

    Judging by the last week charts, people watched the Parks finale ;)

    5月 6日 15:34 回复
  • EvanClark

    Thank you kindly, Whatwillburn.

    4月 29日 23:10 回复
  • whatwillburn

    and Amazon has "The Tain" plus the below, but not the final 3 crane wife tracks you'd be looking for.

    4月 29日 20:31 回复
  • whatwillburn

    EvanClark, dunno if it's different in the US, but Google Play music store has Five Songs, Always the Bridesmaid, and "Culling of the Fold" from Crane Wife bonus. All 320kbps.

    4月 29日 20:26 回复
  • transparentman

    I literally can't get enough of these guys. They are ridiculously talented bunch. I can listen to them when I'm happy or sad, perfect for any mood.

    4月 29日 1:27 回复
  • whatwillburn

    Nice of them to play "The Crane Wife 3" and "Bye Bye Lil' Sebastian" for the Pawnee/Eagleton unity concert the other day.

    4月 28日 23:16 回复
  • jk_sloop

    the decemberits makes feel warm...specialy "here i dreamt i was an archite" meaningful for me today..

    4月 26日 18:25 回复
  • EvanClark

    Anyone know where I can get high quality mp3's for the four Cranes Wife Bonues Tracks, the 5 Songs EP, Always a Bridesmaid, and The Tain? Legal or otherwise. I just dont wanna buy mp3s unless I know they are of good bitrate.

    4月 25日 9:56 回复
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