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Sonata Arctica





Sonata Arctica (北极奏鸣曲) 组建时间: 1996年

国 籍:芬兰 风格:Power Metal(力量金属)

Sonata Arctica于1996年,在世界的边缘——北芬兰的一个叫Kemi的小镇上成立。乐队最初以Tricky Beans为人们所知,乐队用这个名字制作了三首demo(Friend till the End,Agre Pamppers和PeaceMaker)并在Jyrki举行过两次演出。经过1997年的一些人事变动后,这些人把乐队又改名为Tricky Means。在金属乐圈子里乐队最早被认为做实验性音乐,与重金属相去甚远。

1999年乐队在他们家乡的Tico Tico录音棚里录制了一首新的demo名叫“FullMoon”,从此乐队的历史翻开了新的一页。录音时乐队的阵容包括:Tony(主唱和键盘),Jani(吉他手),Tommy(鼓手)和Janne(贝斯手),这首新的demo是乐队对于重金属音乐的首次尝试。从此乐队以迅疾优美的旋律和以键盘为主导的重金属配以清澈洪亮的嗓音而闻名于世。在命运的驱使以及Tico-Tico录音棚的Ahti Kortelainen帮助之下,“FullMoon”这首demo被芬兰优秀的金属品牌——Spinefarm相中。同时乐队也从Tricky Means改名为Sonata Arctica。

1999年夏天Sonata Arctica为我们带来了他们的第一单曲碟——UnOpened,这同时也是1999年Metalliliitto发行的compilation版中的主打曲。单曲蝶中的两首激烈的单曲——UnOpened and Mary-Lou,标志着Sonata Arctica开始向能量金属范畴发展。在第一次压制单曲碟UnOpened时,第一首单曲UnOpened录制中不小心被放慢了节奏。在第一批CD发向各音像商店后不久这个失误才被觉察出来。这第一批销售的EP大概有200来张,如今已成为收藏者们稀有的宝物了。

1999年的秋天Sonata Arctica发布了他们第一张完整的专辑——Ecliptica。最初在芬兰发行,接着是其他一些国家。由于Ecliptica全面的成功,乐队有幸在两张tribute专辑中贡献两首翻唱曲——“I Want Out”在为Helloween的“Keepers of Jericho”和“Still Loving You”在为Scorpions的“A Tribute to the Scorpions”,这两首翻唱曲与原先版本相比都有出色的表现。

Ecliptica发行后不久,乐队的核心Tony Kakko决定专攻主音,而非象从前那样主唱兼任键盘手。Mikko Harkin(来自Kenziner)便加入了乐队来顶替以前由Tony担当的键盘手空缺,这也保证Tony能在舞台上更自由的发挥。这种变化使得乐队的现场演出更为充满活力,从此Sonata Arctica涣然一新——同时拥有两位键盘手,为现场表演更增意想不到的新鲜效果。

1999年末至2000年初乐队的人气依然保持激升状态。在专辑Ecliptica发行后,Sonata Arctica在15家不同唱片公司下超过32支乐队中脱颖而出,一举被Stratovarius选为欧洲巡回演出的友情乐队。这场演出开始于2000年四月,还有Strato和Rhapsody的倾情献艺。演出持续了两个月,Sonata Arctica在此期间在10个国家里登台表演30多次,行程超过1000公里。








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  • MultiverseMann

    My Top https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXlfrjZ0Ih4

    2月 26日 2:40 回复
  • danielcavanhas

    Alguém de Feliz, Farroupilha, Bento, Caxias do Sul? Temos vagas na van que sai de Caxias do Sul às 16:00 horas para show de PORTO ALEGRE Por favor contate-me. https://www.facebook.com/events/1529769137308842/?ref=70

    2月 21日 1:55 回复
  • al_solaris

    dont really like the melodic metal but this band is really good

    2月 17日 9:06 回复
  • Liafev

    Only one show in France this year .. I'm sad and kinda disappointed !

    2月 11日 10:25 回复
  • danielcavanhas

    Quem tiver o interesse, por favor, contate-me! Excursão saindo de Caxias do Sul! https://www.facebook.com/events/1529769137308842/

    2月 11日 10:23 回复
  • dinkydauisshit

    Sonic Antarctica

    2月 10日 17:10 回复
  • KirIia

    Im not sure if its because of nostalgia but I can't stand their new material. I really tried to like it, like if it was an acquired taste, but I really can't like it.

    2月 8日 14:34 回复
  • PSO_J318-22

    "Maybe if we write a truly awful wolf song they'll stop asking us to write more." - SA

    1月 24日 7:40 回复
  • BlackKitty

    Concerning the book... I don't think it's too expensive, the English eBook at least. It still has a lot of photos in it (don't know if it's all that the Finnish version also has). Mostly it is just a biography of the band. How and where they started and who, how it all came to be, how they got signed... Then it goes album for album, general overview on release dates, versions, tour whatever, and then in detail. Interesting things that happend during the making of the album, on the tour, or in other ways. Either they're just told from the author, or from the persons themselves (band members, label guys, etc.). I think there's two tours where the tour diary of the tour manager at that time has been written down... which are just friggin' hilarious! :D All in all, it was a great read and I can only recommend it :) And for the printed version... it seems like Paasilinna is not fitted for world-wide publishing, so they'd have to sell the rights. Dunno how long that'd take :-/

    1月 14日 13:08 回复
  • onlycharles

    Manaus in Brazil is waiting for you Sonata Arctica guys on 24 february 2015. surely will be amazing. Latin American Tour 2015! :D

    1月 5日 13:48 回复
  • adam11i13

    Yeah! They visit my country in the May! :D 1 day before my birthday! :D

    1月 4日 23:35 回复
  • CoenVen

    I like the sound of that, Sander! I wonder if there will be a change in style again, of a mixture of what they've been doing all these years, like Pariah.

    1月 4日 13:29 回复
  • Sander1991

    Alright this might seem obvious to some but I'm posting it anyways. This is from Henkkas blog: "More touring to come, we just announced a short European Tour where we’ll play Ecliptica front to back as well as some other stuff. Our Latin-American Tour keeps on getting longer, we should have the final dates confirmed shortly. Also more festival dates dropping in as we speak…at the moment the plan is to end the tour after the festivals and then have some fime off before we start working on our next studio album.". Looking at their tour dates`( http://sonataarctica.info/tour ), this could mean we will have the next Sonata album in stores in the beginning of 2016. :D

    1月 2日 0:26 回复
  • emaxsaun

    Yeah, the English version is only available in eBook :|

    2014年 12月 29日 回复
  • Colony666

    Kinda wish they'd play WHG or RN all the way through instead, they nearly play all of Ecliptica every show anyway lol, but it would be nice to see the last 3 songs which they havent played for over 10 years

    2014年 12月 27日 回复
  • CoenVen

    What's it all about? What's in it? @Cariina: I guess. But I thought the english version was only available in eBook.

    2014年 12月 27日 回复
  • emaxsaun

    Maybe a little high. It was a good read, though.

    2014年 12月 26日 回复
  • Cariina-

    Yeah.. I find it too much for a book. - Perhaps... And I just don't know, but it is a feeling - They might sell it during the Ecliptica tour?

    2014年 12月 25日 回复
  • CoenVen

    Yeah, that's pretty high priced, ain't it, Cariina?

    2014年 12月 25日 回复
  • emaxsaun

    I just bought the eBook since in the US there isn't going to be an English Hardcover it seems, which is a shame. I think it paid $16 after the conversion. I can't read Finnish, lol, so the hardcover book is useless to me. I do hope it ends up getting released here though as a hardcover book, I would buy it for sure.

    2014年 12月 24日 回复
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