Last Lonely Eagle (5:12)

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  曲目   曲长 听众
New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Louisiana Lady 3:01 12,334
New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Glendale Train 3:01 12,837
Buffalo Springfield - A Child's Claim to Fame 2:09 38,161
Buffalo Springfield - Kind Woman 4:14 58,571
Jerry Garcia Band - Waiting For A Miracle 5:54 2,220
Stephen Stills - Sit Yourself Down 3:05 8,021





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  • JohnnyMath

    For you know that he never will land

    2014年 5月 6日 回复
  • DrMichaelGalvin

    That first NROPS album was excellent.

    2013年 12月 18日 回复
  • yogijohn888

    boy, Jerry sure had a unique steel guitar sound back then. unmistakably him when you hear it. Great song/album/band. NRPS were always a treat, for the soul, opening for the Dead.

    2013年 5月 31日 回复
  • senorhippie

    Remember, way, way back when. Going to an eating establishment, and refusing to serve me, because I had long hair. Yes, that was here in America!. Paid my dues, to be an elder hippie statesman!

    2013年 3月 2日 回复
  • DeadKinks

    Here's the reason why I like my hair long.

    2012年 10月 22日 回复
  • Bomccarroll

    I meant to say I almost forgot about these guys

    2012年 7月 24日 回复
  • ZarnBarn

    This is great. I'm glad i've discovered these guys.

    2012年 7月 4日 回复
  • mccarrw

    I almodt forgot abput this song, i just love it

    2011年 12月 7日 回复
  • rushfan1

    Without question this is Jerry Garcia, no bio needed! Good shit!

    2011年 11月 14日 回复
  • orses4corses

    This is NROTPS alright

    2011年 10月 7日 回复
  • oldiesfanjohn

    does anyone remember jerry singing `sugaree` in `73?

    2011年 9月 6日 回复
  • oldiesfanjohn

    i still have long hair and i`m 55!!!..grew up with these guys doing -panama red and a creditable cover of- i dont need no doctor` among others

    2011年 9月 6日 回复
  • jimboeck

    DAVID -- pretty much still does apply .............. not many of us left......

    2011年 8月 31日 回复
  • davidcomp55

    In the song, they sing "forgotten their dreams and cut off their hair" -- younger people nowadays sometimes don't seem to realize that long hair stood for a certain political and ideological stance. Conservatives did not have long hair, only the liberals and hippies.

    2011年 7月 29日 回复
  • pjolliffe

    Very sweet stuff...

    2011年 3月 4日 回复
  • lucy304

    Great track love their sound. <3<3

    2011年 2月 14日 回复
  • pharma_joe

    This song is perfect to go cloudspotting

    2011年 1月 7日 回复
  • owen54

    They were writing sensitive songs about the environment 20 years before it became fashionable. Saw them in 72 with The Dead - great stuff.

    2010年 11月 18日 回复
  • tonymcc50

    Great tracl

    2010年 9月 26日 回复
  • harriet58

    this song makes me smile and cry at the same time......

    2010年 5月 27日 回复
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