Gloria Gloom (8:06)

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  曲目   曲长 听众
Matching Mole - Brandy as in Benj 4:24 3,916
Matching Mole - Smoke Signal 6:40 3,474
Soft Machine - Hulloder 0:54 9,970
Soft Machine - Pig 2:09 10,481
Hatfield and the North - Calyx 2:44 182
Robert Wyatt - Alife 6:30 15,528





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  • RussellChap

    Brilliant. Socialist music that engages & doesn't dictate. Groovy too.

    2012年 4月 5日 回复
  • bobgreen623

    No you're not. It does somewhat

    2012年 2月 20日 回复
  • faustandkluster

    Am I crazy for thinking the into sounds like Throbbing Gristle?

    2011年 11月 29日 回复
  • bobgreen623

    Eno's synthesiser on this sounds positively alive and breathing, like something stirring in an enormous cavern. The closest I've heard to it is an un-tempo'ed piece by Aphex Twin which is equally gigantic

    2011年 1月 4日 回复
  • coeurtatouer

    Amazing song! I don't think Pink Floyd should come running to tie their shoes! Psychedelic and so modern....and of course Robert's voice so fragile and touching the stars

    2010年 11月 30日 回复
  • bobgreen623

    It's those first three minutes, really takes you somewhere alien. I could listen that developing for a lot longer.

    2010年 8月 15日 回复
  • dzoist

    so she'll be comin round the mtn when she comes

    2009年 9月 12日 回复
  • adversefish

    This one has got the Brian Eno treatment stamped on it - gives you goose bumps!

    2009年 3月 6日 回复
  • crystaltrips

    Ahh, the pedigrees here: TRIVIA TIME! Quiet Sun featured Phil Manzanera. I highly recommend their only album 'Mainstream'.

    2009年 2月 12日 回复
  • zealotape

    gloria yeah...gloria who?

    2008年 8月 23日 回复
  • nebfishmanclubp

    I want to hear Instant Pussy

    2008年 2月 24日 回复
  • Talula-belle

    Is this song Birchian? Do you ever see a sad or unhappy Gloria Gloom? I think you do sometimes, unless you never see Gloria Gloom at all. I did for awhile. She was a milkmaid for awhile but all her cows gave sour milk.

    2007年 11月 7日 回复