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Golden Wide
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   Lostprophets(迷失的先知),很难使人相信这样一支来自英伦,有着THE CALLING的帅气,THE VERVE的忧郁,承袭了传统british punk的率性的乐队,会将美式新金属的血液注入他们的骨髓中,加上主唱IAN极具英式唱腔所特有的低音的磁性与高音的空灵,独树一格,与KORN、活结、LIMP BIZKIT、LINKIN PARK等组成的美国新金属大军形成分庭抗礼之势。
   除了传统英式朋克的舞台渲染力,LP的大部分曲子都采用了新金属的曲风。英伦乐队特有的忧郁气质使得他们创造出的新金属前所未有地产生一种细腻的知性,或许是在对旋律和音色的敏感方面,确实胜于美国乐队的粗糙与野蛮,并且在一些曲子里还可以听到大段有技术含量的RIFF和SOLO,这在新金属重视伴奏背景厚重感和整体感的惯例中,是不多见的。然而很难想象这样一支优秀的乐队,竟然出道6年都没有造就万人空巷的大红大紫,或许是他们音乐意识形态的清高使得在美国这样一个充满工业电噪和混合采样的摇滚市场中,很难划出一块属于自己的清净之地,而英国新金属的旗帜下依旧门可罗雀,他们音乐里所呈现的旷远和深邃始终没有修 饰到任何一片天空。






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  • CheseCake

    Still love their music. Still love Ian ... [4]

    10月 20日 17:42 回复
  • MelvinKF

    It`s ok, don`t apologise

    9月 30日 19:21 回复
  • spineshank155


    9月 30日 5:44 回复
  • Awfulest


    9月 29日 18:21 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    Still love their music. Still love Ian ... [3]

    9月 29日 17:14 回复
  • RabbitRicochet9

    Still love their music. Still love Ian ... [2]

    9月 29日 11:20 回复
  • synesthe-sia

    You still love a baby fucker. Cool. I like the music, but Ian is a total piece of shit and you'd have to be delusional to think otherwise.

    9月 28日 21:57 回复
  • parasenocheg

    Still love their music. Still love Ian ...

    9月 27日 4:08 回复
  • FireTheft

    I still like their first album

    9月 22日 18:12 回复
  • draksis

    So just because the band's lead singer turned out to be a sick fuck I'm supposed to hate the entire band and never listen to their music again. Go fuck yourselves. A lot of influential musicians in the past were twisted scumbags but people still listen religiously to stuff like John Lennon.If a single band member's actions suddenly degrades your opinion of everything the band has ever made, then you are just a hypocritical little shit who's only jumping on the next band wagon

    9月 19日 12:40 回复
  • spineshank155

    Hating the band for what Ian did is like hating Germany for what Hitler did.

    9月 18日 2:30 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    I'm definitely not in the mood for trolling i hate sarcasm etc I genuinely believe the impact of pedophilia is less when the person involved did a great deal of good things, for someone to be a pedo there are certainly worse things that could happen to a kid ie April Jones was killed, there's no way of playing it down but for example Jimmy Saville did a lot for charity and everyone loved him until the dirty secret got out, you take the good with the bad, it boggles the mind to see haters with double standards, its ok to kill , death is far worse than rape, the pain endured during rape is a spec of dust compared to dying , the bent coppers here in the UK let pakistani gangs commit child sodomy for 16 years in Rotherham but you won't hear about it, famous people are easy targets and trophy arrests for bent cops here in uk, there's a whole chain of command and corruption for every business, people so stupid with mob mentality, considering like i said before , young girls lined up for him

    9月 17日 21:23 回复
  • Rickpwn

    Of course pedophilia is bad, but why hate the whole band if only 1 person was responsible for this? I still love their music and enjoy it every single moment. I find it not a valid reason to toss away awesome music a whole band created, even though 1 person sinned. Cheers!

    9月 17日 8:43 回复
  • geromefernandez

    It's really shocking how sick people are.... So much people who don't stand up clearly against pedophilia.... Such a shame!!!

    9月 17日 1:04 回复
  • geromefernandez

    What a shame that this pedo's have fans..... Unbelievable!

    9月 17日 0:57 回复
  • spineshank155

    Murder is never justified. If it was, most of the world's leaders wouldn't be standing due to the lack of respect for those who are struggling day in and day out. Sure, it would have been fine for someone to kill another human being because they broke into their home because their life is being threatened but maybe instead of killing them, incapacitate them. There's other ways of defending yourself against an attacker without killing them, not just by a gun, knife, a baseball bat or whatever it is people use to kill. And when did i defend Ian? He should go to prison for his actions.

    9月 16日 13:13 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    I agree, even before the whole pedo scandal , all 5 albums are amazing front to back and 5 albums is a good career for any modern band considering nowadays some can only manage 2 albums then quit or change to being rubbish ie linkin park, going to prison sucks anyway but knowing your band had a good time and plenty of awards, Ian has "done his bit" for music and knowing that , Ian can go to jail and not have to worry that he didn't do enough because he did and to me I will remember watkins for being a classy rockstar legend, dead or alive

    9月 14日 20:11 回复
  • parkerlewislol

    There music was shit and do you know what he went to jail for.

    9月 14日 11:50 回复
  • Catbird

    The songs exist and are still loved by many, unfortunatley the vocalist was a nonce. I listen with a heavy heart but still love the Lost Prophets musical legacy. Internet Commandos will always to exist no hard we try to gas the faceless fuckers.

    9月 9日 16:18 回复
  • AzuraMeta

    I was shocked to see what kind of comments are on this page. This site is about music, not about some pedophile! If you want VIP drama, just go on one of the many sites for that!

    9月 8日 7:45 回复
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