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   Lostprophets(迷失的先知),很难使人相信这样一支来自英伦,有着THE CALLING的帅气,THE VERVE的忧郁,承袭了传统british punk的率性的乐队,会将美式新金属的血液注入他们的骨髓中,加上主唱IAN极具英式唱腔所特有的低音的磁性与高音的空灵,独树一格,与KORN、活结、LIMP BIZKIT、LINKIN PARK等组成的美国新金属大军形成分庭抗礼之势。
   除了传统英式朋克的舞台渲染力,LP的大部分曲子都采用了新金属的曲风。英伦乐队特有的忧郁气质使得他们创造出的新金属前所未有地产生一种细腻的知性,或许是在对旋律和音色的敏感方面,确实胜于美国乐队的粗糙与野蛮,并且在一些曲子里还可以听到大段有技术含量的RIFF和SOLO,这在新金属重视伴奏背景厚重感和整体感的惯例中,是不多见的。然而很难想象这样一支优秀的乐队,竟然出道6年都没有造就万人空巷的大红大紫,或许是他们音乐意识形态的清高使得在美国这样一个充满工业电噪和混合采样的摇滚市场中,很难划出一块属于自己的清净之地,而英国新金属的旗帜下依旧门可罗雀,他们音乐里所呈现的旷远和深邃始终没有修 饰到任何一片天空。






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  • AnarchyBrony

    It's kinda hard to listen to this band and knowing what Ian did. Still, they did good music.

    昨天 01:58 回复
  • ReedToGo

    Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback! http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Sunsets+Are+Forever

    5月 25日 7:50 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    The little girls lead him on, too much makeup and kinky bikinis and hotpants and stilettos lead to the instaboner. Mysogyny will rule the earth once again.

    5月 23日 5:14 回复
  • xStrikeBassProx

    Since when having sex it's wrong?

    5月 21日 11:00 回复
  • Awfulest


    5月 21日 7:17 回复

    Ian Watkins did nothing wrong.

    5月 7日 4:33 回复
  • spineshank155

    Even the rest of the band would have killed Ian on the spot if they knew of Ians crimes. Just let that sink in, ex Lostprophets members would murder Ian Watkins for being a pedo. Remember folks don't tattoo your favorite band or you might regret it.

    5月 6日 13:50 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    JTLDN don't forget Jimmy Saville and Rolph Harris and Cyril Smith

    5月 4日 0:25 回复

    whats up superpaedos? anyone here like gary glitter too?

    5月 3日 20:46 回复
  • Ihatemylifevu

    I want more album but he is in prison T.T

    5月 3日 20:29 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    Lostprophets are getting back together with the replacement vocalist https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152684123002314&id=504042313&set=a.421932017313.194152.504042313&source=48 #ianwatkinsisNOTDEAD

    5月 2日 11:49 回复
  • freezZa

    35 лет....пиздец конечно ребята

    4月 24日 20:02 回复
  • spineshank155

    Even the band members for As I Lay Dying had no idea Tim tried putting a hit out on his wife. Dude couldn't just get a divorce. If no one ever knew Ian was a pedophile it wouldn't matter if people listened to his music. Why would it matters if he did or not. What Ian did was disgusting but its childish to think people are disgusting to listen to this band. There most likely other bands people listen to that do the same but havent been caught.

    4月 19日 15:13 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    TDcore - they did start another band, No Devotion, Where have you been? plus you can take time out the band, you don't "have to" to hang out with your band members if you're in a band, I think it was Mike who explained toward the end they would not see watkins in spare time only when they were playing gigs, "live in a tight space together" sounds a bit gay man, if I were making a ton of money like he did, I would be throwing house parties 3 times a week with all the friends made on me way to being a "rockstar" it's unlikely i would sit and fester in a cramped tour bus just because the rest of the band is in there, lol. although listening gives watkins royalties (still) in that respect it is immoral, lostprophets are like the devils music now, love it so much and feel bad for listening after knowing each play is putting money aside for a scumbag when he gets out, that's how the system works, to stop listening based on his actions is dumb, i like the sound regardless of crime

    4月 19日 1:25 回复
  • TDcore

    I simply find it sick that people are still listening to this band. I mean seriously. You do realize that you are listening to the words of a man who likes putting his dick in children, don't you? I don't care if the rest of the band isn't too blame. They should at least start ANOTHER band. Who wants this kind of legacy behind them their whole lives? And excuse me, but it is INCREDIBLY shifty that none of the other band members know nothing of his exploits. I've been in a band for 5 years and trust me, if someone is doing this kind of crap, everyone else in the band would know. Kinda hard too keep much of anything a secret when you live in a tight space together at least 6 months out of a year. It's really a shame, because I used to like this band quite a bit. But there's no denying the truth here. It's simply creepy and un-moral to still listen to this crap.

    4月 14日 22:28 回复
  • orangemango27

    "Who is this Watkins fella and why does everyone seem so heated?" Little slow on the uptake there?

    4月 3日 22:41 回复
  • Vanilla-villa

    cheeze5 wow LOL xD

    3月 29日 21:29 回复
  • cheeze5

    "if anyone is stupid enough to put the blame on the whole band and stop listening to them then you're being childish." Does that mean Ian Watkins will come to rape us if we stop listening to his music? :O

    3月 29日 5:36 回复
  • borra_cuervo

    This person seems to have, or have had, the habit of behaving improperly with children. He also likes children and animal pornography. That is, according to the Welsh justice system.

    3月 26日 20:45 回复
  • MystCall

    Who is this Watkins fella and why does everyone seem so heated?

    3月 26日 7:14 回复
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