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   Lostprophets(迷失的先知),很难使人相信这样一支来自英伦,有着THE CALLING的帅气,THE VERVE的忧郁,承袭了传统british punk的率性的乐队,会将美式新金属的血液注入他们的骨髓中,加上主唱IAN极具英式唱腔所特有的低音的磁性与高音的空灵,独树一格,与KORN、活结、LIMP BIZKIT、LINKIN PARK等组成的美国新金属大军形成分庭抗礼之势。
   除了传统英式朋克的舞台渲染力,LP的大部分曲子都采用了新金属的曲风。英伦乐队特有的忧郁气质使得他们创造出的新金属前所未有地产生一种细腻的知性,或许是在对旋律和音色的敏感方面,确实胜于美国乐队的粗糙与野蛮,并且在一些曲子里还可以听到大段有技术含量的RIFF和SOLO,这在新金属重视伴奏背景厚重感和整体感的惯例中,是不多见的。然而很难想象这样一支优秀的乐队,竟然出道6年都没有造就万人空巷的大红大紫,或许是他们音乐意识形态的清高使得在美国这样一个充满工业电噪和混合采样的摇滚市场中,很难划出一块属于自己的清净之地,而英国新金属的旗帜下依旧门可罗雀,他们音乐里所呈现的旷远和深邃始终没有修 饰到任何一片天空。






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  • skinnydrifter

    came here for a good hearty laugh, and was NOT disappointed

    12月 14日 16:42 回复
  • Sylvanas


    12月 10日 11:29 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    type Ian Watkins in google and my comments on youtube appear on the first page of google LOL!!!!!

    11月 26日 22:21 回复
  • MMichallis


    11月 26日 17:26 回复
  • koholintisland

    I was the baby.

    11月 25日 9:38 回复
  • happydrug

    @Lewiswontdie95 lol, they won't come to fucking Brazil. The vocalist got 35years for being a pedo.

    11月 25日 5:55 回复
  • Lewiswontdie95

    Come to Brazil

    11月 24日 20:26 回复
  • GuyFromAshes

    Ахуенная группа,но то, что вокалист сделал это конечно пиздец

    11月 20日 19:15 回复
  • ghosquito

    great guy :3

    11月 19日 19:47 回复
  • FastWheels

    Baby, baby, baby, oooohhhhh

    11月 18日 4:27 回复
  • LCDnewOrder


    11月 14日 8:09 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    spineshank155 +1 :)

    11月 8日 0:07 回复
  • spineshank155

    Actually James that's what i meant, i should have worded that differently but i agree that it's environmental conditions that makes a person do what they do, like a person stealing because they want something they can't afford or have. It was still Ians decision, but he might have done things differently had his life been different. There are some conditions that people are born a certain way such as being overweight, parents might have had an unhealthy lifestyle but again that's part of the environment. Society has these things out of control because they only deal with the consequences after it happens. War, poverty, crime, hate, greed, evil, pollution, ect are all preventable but our leaders tend to look the other way but it's all part of the environment that society lacks the knowledge and logic to get on the right track.

    11月 4日 16:41 回复
  • Dusk2099

    holy shit

    11月 2日 1:23 回复
  • JamesPhillips70

    pedo's arn't "born" that way, don't even get me started.. people need to learn the fundamental difference between "born" with characteristics and Inheriting through the environment in which the latter comes most things, you're NOT born a smoker, a druggie, fat, gay/bi/les/trans with piercings or tattoos or long hair, with long nails, with makeup, with botox etc etc they are lifestyle choices, you ARE born with a free, blank canvas for a mind in which will be filled with whatever the people and way of life is around you... you ARE born with things that are not in your control ie colour of skin, colour of eyes, type of face, shape of head etc etc etc, In the case of Watkins he "became" a pedophile through meth, fame and abuse of status, remember it was the mothers coming to HIM it was young girls going to HIM he just sat back and said ok choices are concious desicions i'm not being a "racist" or "bigot" as some tool might want to point out, im being a realist, knowing is half the battle

    11月 1日 23:50 回复
  • Bas_VIII

    Still love their music. Still love Adolf ... [4]

    10月 30日 20:47 回复
  • DesunotoK

    infant annihilator... if you know what I mean... I'm refering to the deathcore band.

    10月 28日 17:47 回复
  • spineshank155

    I can only hope that society will find a way to prevent more Pedophiles from being born.

    10月 27日 5:55 回复
  • Arthurrr

    @JamesPhillips70 that's the most retarded thing I've read in a while

    10月 26日 18:15 回复
  • gabrielle_lucy

    And well, they made me listen to the The Cure (I heard Lostprophets' cover of Boys Don't Cry and then I listened to the original version and I fell in love with The Cure).

    10月 26日 16:43 回复
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