Giant Steps

Midas' Heritage
2014年 2月 21日
29 首曲目





    曲目     曲长 听众
1 John Coltrane - My Favorite Things 13:46 220,790
2 John Coltrane - Flamenco Sketches (feat. Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, Bill Evans) 9:26 5
3 John Coltrane - Like Someone in Love 4:59 32,819
4 John Coltrane - Giant Steps (feat. Paul Chambers, Tommy Flanagan, Art Taylor) 4:42 3
5 John Coltrane - Cousin Mary 9:57 139,832
6 John Coltrane - The Feeling of Jazz (feat. Duke Ellington) 5:30 15
7 John Coltrane - Angelica (feat. Duke Ellington) 5:59 9
8 John Coltrane - My Little Brown Book (feat. Duke Ellington) 5:22 12
9 John Coltrane - Harmonique 4:14 8,199
10 John Coltrane - Lazy Bird 7:05 81,606
11 John Coltrane - Stevie (feat. Duke Ellington) 4:25 10
12 John Coltrane - It Might as Well Be Spring (feat. Gene Ammons All Stars) 11:35 6
13 John Coltrane - Like Sonny 5:55 36,217
14 John Coltrane - Then I'll Be Tired of You 9:27 4,644
15 John Coltrane - Big Nick (feat. Duke Ellington) 4:31 9
16 John Coltrane - Aisha 7:45 14,378
17 John Coltrane - Ko Ko (feat. Dexter Culbertson's U.S. Navy Band) 2:12 7
18 John Coltrane - Love Thy Neighbor 9:21 6,625
19 John Coltrane Quartet - Blues Minor 7:24 2,857
20 John Coltrane - Take the Coltrane (feat. Duke Ellington) 4:44 7
21 John Coltrane - Groove Blues (feat. Gene Ammons All Stars) 9:35 7
22 John Coltrane - Dahomey Dance 10:49 11,963
23 John Coltrane - I Want to Talk About You 10:11 53,316
24 John Coltrane - Time After Time 7:41 12,658
25 John Coltrane Quartet - Greensleeves 9:59 6,376
26 John Coltrane - In a Sentimental Mood (feat. Duke Ellington) 4:17 691
27 John Coltrane - Ammon Joy (feat. Gene Ammons All Stars) 13:20 11
28 John Coltrane - Stardust 8:24 24,254
29 John Coltrane Quartet - Africa 16:28 3,677








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  • Gaffes

    Giant Steps is simply giant.

    2014年 4月 20日 回复
  • YoYoMancuso

    ridiculous track listing

    2014年 4月 9日 回复
  • althefknamsrtkn

    " FAGY ASS NIGGA BE FRONTIN NEEDS BASE" Shut up. You're not funny and in fact you ought to be sterilized.

    2014年 3月 7日 回复
  • OcellatedGod ...

    2013年 10月 30日 回复
  • Sheik777

    Flanagan fucked up that solo LOL

    2013年 5月 1日 回复
  • SzachLechistanu

    I love that svastika in the cover.

    2012年 9月 21日 回复
  • JBThazard

    My third favorite album ever. Beyond masterpieces.

    2012年 8月 1日 回复
  • kmullin

    amazing how perfect this albums is. So fluid over difficult chord progressions. Never wouldve guessed by hearing his earlier albums (Blue Train, Lush Life, etc.).

    2012年 6月 16日 回复
  • federokete


    2012年 1月 20日 回复
  • akzincke

    feels damn fine.

    2011年 10月 13日 回复
  • jazzncoffee

    Amazing album! Come show some love to Paul Chambers, the bassist on this record as well as a lot of great Davis albums like "Kind of Blue" and "'Round Midnight":

    2011年 3月 28日 回复
  • IllumoHorizon

    "Giants Steps" is in its own way much more melodic than "Blue Train" which makes it easier to understand. Great artwork!

    2010年 10月 19日 回复
  • dissonance416

    This is the first jazz record I ever bought/ listened to. This is a good thing, but also a bad thing. It was great, because it gave me a fantastic introduction to jazz. It wasn't so great because no other jazz record holds a candle to "Giant Steps." So simply put, I will never enjoy my first time listening to a record this much ever again. Paul Chambers ridiculous. Note to those who love this record: there's a live recording of Naima that Coltrane did with Eric Dolphy. Dolphy takes a beautiful bass clarinet solo. Unmissable.

    2010年 6月 18日 回复
  • cubemonger


    2010年 4月 11日 回复
  • rymdvarelse

    this album is really something, and that something is fantastic.

    2010年 3月 12日 回复
  • TaxMonkey

    Just listening through it for the first time. What a great fucking album!

    2010年 2月 15日 回复
  • photon_man62

    Visukyua to the rescue!

    2010年 1月 22日 回复
  • biomorfo

    CHANGE this annoying album cover, PLEASE!!!!

    2009年 11月 20日 回复
  • jall7871

    ugly ugly ugly album cover!

    2009年 9月 11日 回复
  • biomorfo

    and yeah!!! CHANGE THIS COVER!!!!

    2009年 7月 22日 回复
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