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GET BORN[专辑简介](转自华纳线上音乐杂志)

*NME赞誉为『Rolling Stone与AC/DC的综合体』的墨尔本摇滚乐队耀眼处女作
*推荐曲∶Are You Gonna Be My Girl、Rollover D.J.、Look What You’ve Done、Move On

这是一组20出头来自澳洲墨尔本的4位年轻小伙子,所把玩出再掀复古概念的全新摇滚作品!『我们想要找回60及70年代的音乐感动,找寻其音乐的根源,那也之所以让我们每一次表演都会翻玩猫王的”That’s Alright Mamma”!』Jet的团员如此说道。当音乐的历史演进到新的纪元,脚步似乎暂缓了起来,一些追本朔源复古摇滚文化,已如火如荼的延烧展开了起来,如同The White Stripes,The Hives,The Strokes,Hot Hot Heat,Yeah Yeah Yeahs┅等一票评价相当高的新生代乐团,他们直接了当的向20世纪60年代的风格取材,绽放Garage Rock与70年代Punk Rock的音乐魅力!

由Nic (主唱/吉他)与Chris Cester(鼓手)两兄弟为其核心,加上Cameron Muncey (吉他手)和Mark Wilson四人所组成的Jet,从小Cester便浸淫在爸妈所聆听的唱片世界中,尤其是Beatles,这也驱使他俩组团的意念,取了个The Boys为团名开始翻玩一些经典团的名作,其中并吸取前辈的精华,加入自己的创作概念中,杰出的表现,受到替澳洲於全球摇滚市场争光The Vines赏赐,应邀做他们巡回演唱会的暖场团!一曲相当率性的单曲”Take it Or Leave It”惊艳四座,立刻被NME赞誉是『Rolling Stone与澳洲的摇滚英雄AC/DC的综合体』!Jet瞬时形成各大唱片公司抢人的局面!终在花落Elektra後,率先推出安抚那些按耐不住期待的乐迷之先发EP「Dirty Sweet」,识曾相似的专辑名称是取自T-Rax的音乐概念!连滚石合唱团2003的复出巡回演唱会,都指定Jet作他们的开场乐团!

继5月份所推出的暖身EP後,年底前终於盼到完整性专辑「Get Born」的发行!滚石杂乐迷率先票选满分赞誉,AMG也献上4颗星评价,年度十大唱片恐怕都已经将位置先空留出来给他们了!专辑制作的部份邀请了Dave Sardy (Red Hot Chili Peppers、NIN、Dandy Warhols)操刀掌盘!精采收录EP中的4首歌包含”Take It Or Leave It”(听他们的音乐就只有这两种选择);飙悍的吉他声响与狂野不羁的率性佳作”Cold Hard B****”;动人Acoustic调性草根性十足的”Moving On”等旧作。如同Ramones般呈献原始生猛的庞客过瘾力道在”Are You Gonna Be My Girl”、"Get What You Need”、”Get Me Outta Here”一一带劲飙出!Jet他们不想只是作出充满爆发力或欢娱的摇滚专辑,应该要有反应多面个性,呈献较为情感抒发的作品,所以有了他们相当锺爱的”Radio Song”,及如同清风拂面般顺柔的”Look What You Done”等曲的出现!






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  • diosdiox

    extremely underrated [2]

    5月 16日 15:12 回复
  • mugiwara95

    extremely underrated

    5月 3日 16:05 回复
  • Smartypants101

    @warriorjones: yeah, I think it's safe to say that pitchfork is single-handedly responsible for the destruction of their "music" career. I don't always agree with their reviews but I think they hit the nail on the head with these guys.

    4月 16日 16:30 回复
  • damnchick

    HEY! Rolloverrrr Djjj

    3月 31日 17:55 回复
  • gnatware

    the good jet is very good (uk)

    2月 9日 0:32 回复
  • Nekrovoor

    this is torture kill me please

    2月 5日 16:01 回复
  • lexponomarev

    очень и очень хорошо!

    1月 31日 6:32 回复
  • colderskin

    monkey piss

    1月 10日 19:43 回复
  • songfactslastfm

    "Jagger, at that time fully bearded, took me to one end of the control room and erratically strummed an acoustic guitar in my ear." - An erstwhile member of Sparks, Jet and Radio Stars, Martin Gordon shares some fascinating stories from across his 40 years in music, including what he got up to in Paris with The Rolling Stones in '79: http://www.songfacts.com/blog/interviews/martin_gordon/

    2014年 6月 18日 回复
  • WarriorJones

    It's amazing how a band could be destroyed over a one-image troll review, but it happened to this band.

    2014年 3月 31日 回复
  • robotpwnsyou

    Australian Jet were bloody awful

    2014年 3月 25日 回复
  • ChrisFallout

    Aus Jet could have ruled the world

    2014年 2月 23日 回复
  • coloredpepper

    oh my <3

    2014年 2月 7日 回复
  • TrueMithrandir

    Glam Jet

    2014年 1月 27日 回复
  • Heartbreaker68

    Move On <3

    2014年 1月 15日 回复
  • TylerSymes

    I wonder why the jet crashed in 2012.

    2014年 1月 14日 回复
  • Skan15

    <3 I LOVE

    2013年 12月 21日 回复
  • Selena_Argentia

    I DO wish the likes of Last.fm and Spotify would CHECK before assigning an album to a band just because they happen to share a name. 'Empty-Handed' was released by a VERY short-lived AOR band in 1981 - before any of the Aussie lads were BORN. Bring back the days of things being done by humans rather than computers! I can see how some would be fooled - even the font is VERY similar. Last.fm and Spotify are STILL recommending me bands/artists with identical names to bands I like. I keep a list in the (vain) hope they might do summat about it...

    2013年 12月 2日 回复
  • nigeyb

    Jet were a glam rock band from London formed in 1974. They released one album in 1975 before splitting up, with the bulk of the band going on to become the punk/new wave band Radio Stars. The only Jet I listen to. The album is a lost glam classic.... http://www.allmusic.com/album/jet-even-more-light-than-shade-mw0002048321

    2013年 11月 28日 回复
  • nosoyuncangrejo

    2013年 11月 21日 回复
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