Glory Hallelujah (4:38)

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Frank Turner - Wessex Boy 3:35 53,228
Frank Turner - English Curse 2:19 27,973
Tim Vantol - I Could Have Been a Dancer 2:22 1,287
Tim Vantol - What It Takes 2:44 1,559
Dave Hause - The Great Depression 4:04 3,582
Dave Hause - Autism Vaccine Blues 3:44 3,442







Brothers and sisters, have you heard the news?
The storm has lifted and there's nothing to lose,
So swap your confirmation for your dancing shoes,
Because there never was no God.

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  • Flunkster

    Love the churchy sound given the subject matter

    3月 3日 12:34 回复
  • MForsblad

    Love this song, and for people who think it's disrespecting. Please, we have to listen to songs about God and shit all the time. I don't get offended by that. So you shouldn't get offended by this if your faith is strong...

    2014年 6月 8日 回复
  • vaire_paunova

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." And religion is one of vilest, most evil things to ever befall humankind. And no one's shoving anything with this song; guy just sings it as he sees it (and as it is, for all intents and purposes, for even if there is a """god""", it's nothing like any of our pathetic religions claims it is, nor does it care one way or another about us and our world.) And the plural is atheists, not atheist's.

    2014年 4月 7日 回复
  • JustAKayee

    Frank is awesome, his song-writing ability is incredible...but i don't like this song. I'm an agnostic, never was religious or believed in a 'God'. Though i have respect for everyone else's right to hold whatever opinion/belief/conviction they choose. I just think this song demonstrates the arrogance a lot of atheist's have. The strangest thing is that athiest's that love songs like this so hate people's religious beliefs being 'shoved down their throats'...and yet no one pushes the idea of a Godless nothing after this life than atheist's themselves. An example of this is this exact song. Religion is as divisive as this song however...and tbh, i just think we all believe what we believe and feel what we feel and there's little point arguing. One day we'll all find out for sure (or not).

    2013年 7月 9日 回复
  • JordanNeo

    Now that's a hymn for the rational!

    2013年 5月 20日 回复
  • f_k_o_s

    Well it may be divisive, but I for one love it.

    2012年 7月 31日 回复
  • ripscarspitstar

    this song is a pretty good exemplification of everything that's wrong with Frank Turner these days

    2012年 7月 9日 回复
  • zodiacballet

    I like that Frank wrote a sort of anti-hymn just because he could, honestly. I think the song's pretty funny, and catchy as well. Why not!

    2012年 5月 8日 回复
  • DonPinguin

    *also 'imagine' to a certain degree..

    2012年 4月 3日 回复
  • DonPinguin

    v what about john lennon's 'god' or 'serve yourself'?

    2012年 4月 2日 回复
  • Funky_Nickie

    The greatest atheist song ever!

    2012年 2月 27日 回复
  • george_king

    I recall I once heard Frank 'explaining' this song. I think he said that he'd sung christian rock songs on stage before, but he thought there weren't many songs that 'put across the other side of the argument' and that he 'isn't necessarily atheist' (I think he declined to expand on that. When I saw him play live the other month, he made a point of saying he didn't want the song to be divisive (obviously he knows it will be, but I think he was trying to minimise this). Also, I think there is a section of this song ("...together we'd believe in all the wondrous things that mere mortals can achieve") that is actually trying to say that being atheist can be as bad as being religious - i.e. why are we, as humans, wasting our lives away believing or not believing in religion, when we can use that time much more productively achieving many other things that will actually make a difference to our short lives.

    2012年 1月 15日 回复
  • Tanmut

    What do I see here? Young people looking for a message in song that was only meant to be funny.

    2011年 12月 31日 回复
  • EmmaJames

    I find it really interesting how this song gets so many different reactions. It's seems it's kind of a love-it-or-hate-it song, if you look at the comments below. Being both an atheist and a huge Frank Turner fan, I love this one loads. I think that since so many people sing about god, it's perfectly alright for someone to sing about there not being one. Honestly, it's refreshing to hear someone sing about this - because not many people do, fearing they would offend somebody. I think that this song has a powerful message that many atheist hold dear - "I now you're scared of dying, man, and I am, too, but just pretending it's not happening isn't gonna see us through. If we accept that there's an end game and we haven't got much time then in the here and now we can try and do things right." To me, it explains nicely and incredibly simply how I am getting through life without believing in a god or an afterlife. I'm glad he wrote this song. More people should speak up about this.

    2011年 12月 20日 回复
  • garyxia

    this is a pretty embarrassing song.

    2011年 11月 16日 回复
  • ShirkHorse

    Wow, hadn't even noticed the outro is the intro of Eulogy played on the organ. This is an album that just keeps on giving!

    2011年 9月 30日 回复
  • settledforsatin

    "There never was no god" - - - "Discussing English grammar, the term "double negative" is often though not universally applied to the non-standard use of a second negative as an intensifier to a negation" (

    2011年 9月 2日 回复
  • Fatbirdsdontfly

    oemphf worst song of a terrible record.

    2011年 8月 26日 回复
  • DanDy57

    So ring that Victreebel?

    2011年 8月 3日 回复
  • ChrisHa

    I like Frank but this song's pretty lame. The only reason it's on the album is to try and drum up a bit of publicity in America where they're more sensitive about things like this.

    2011年 8月 2日 回复
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