Canopies and Drapes (3:48)

First Love (Bonus Edition) 封面




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  • colouxx

    I love how you can hear the change in her voice. She sounds so young in the demo version, you can tell she's older/wiser in the final version on First Love.

    2012年 5月 7日 回复
  • EllChrTie

    Fuck yeah

    2012年 3月 16日 回复
  • yosh2008

    Lovely but I wish I had it on my version of 'First Love'. Have to use Spotify everytime I wanna hear it :(

    2012年 1月 22日 回复
  • colouxx

    Gives me goosebumps.

    2011年 10月 26日 回复
  • jonpwnsu

    one of Emmy's best. would have more shouts if a lot of people didn't think it was Canopies and Grapes haha

    2011年 7月 12日 回复
  • greenthumbelina

    I love absolutely everything about this song. Except I do happen to think Billy Joel rocks.

    2010年 10月 21日 回复
  • ParadesGoBy23

    Love forever for the Magnetic Fields reference. And their EP, no less!

    2010年 8月 17日 回复
  • xSophieee

    This song has been renamed as "Canopies and Drapes"! Though I still think of the demo version as "Canopies and Grapes."

    2009年 8月 14日 回复