Here We Go Again

Hollywood Records
2009年 7月 21日
14 首曲目





    曲目     曲长 听众
1 Here We Go Again 3:46 141,713
2 Solo 3:15 44,899
3 U Got Nothin' on Me 3:38 37,578
4 Falling Over Me 4:06 39,036
5 Quiet 2:45 37,575
6 Catch Me 3:10 70,298
7 Every Time You Lie 3:49 46,090
8 Got Dynamite 3:25 40,638
9 Stop the World 3:34 37,021
10 World of Chances 2:51 41,107
11 Remember December 3:12 70,006
12 Everything You're Not 3:43 36,890
13 Gift of a Friend 3:26 61,736
14 So Far So Great (Theme Song to Sonny with a Chance) 2:15 5,688








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  • CuTeJuLy

    an underrated masterpiece [2] one of the best records ever ! ♥

    10月 25日 16:23 回复
  • d0llarsign

    Melhor álbum dela [2]

    8月 9日 4:10 回复
  • IfUSeekLucas

    Her best album

    8月 6日 2:22 回复
  • corruptedboy

    an underrated masterpiece

    7月 26日 19:07 回复
  • srlucasx

    Melhor álbum dela, espero que faça um ao menos parecido algum dia. Se conseguiu algo assim ainda na Disney e novinha, imagino o que não consiga já mais adulta e """independente""".

    7月 10日 4:51 回复
  • Ellses

    Still my favourite

    6月 25日 0:46 回复
  • echeverryt

    300.025 ouvintes <3

    3月 29日 13:39 回复
  • gabrielmoreira-

    Best Demi Album ever ♥ [2]

    3月 28日 21:48 回复
  • EvelynLiberato

    Catch Me ♥

    3月 22日 15:14 回复
  • ohnolizzie

    I wish Demi would release another album like this :( her best for sure [3]

    3月 22日 14:33 回复
  • betorfs

    o melhor dela. esse e o don't forget são os únicos álbuns bons que ela já lançou

    3月 10日 23:02 回复
  • jottave

    melhor cd apenas

    3月 6日 22:18 回复
  • CuTeJuLy

    "Don't Forget" and this one are so perfect ♥. I am honestly love every song on this record ♥

    2月 15日 21:44 回复
  • ma-ma-marry-

    the best

    2月 15日 2:23 回复
  • ramonazz

    Every Time You Lie, Catch Me,U Got Nothin' On Me, Falling Over Me, Stop the World <3

    2月 9日 23:18 回复
  • arnon_

    bons tempos esses de PopRock, como amei esse album !

    2013年 12月 26日 回复
  • dany_eimori

    i love pop rock demi <3 [4] This is Demi at her best.

    2013年 12月 12日 回复
  • CuTeJuLy

    i love pop rock demi <3 [3]

    2013年 11月 18日 回复
  • letsgo2thestars

    This is definitely her second best overall album ("Don't Forget" being her pinnacle). I love this album to death but "Gift For A Friend" (while sweet) is very, very Disney-ish. It's definitely filler and should have been left off. She screams way too much in the chorus and it's a cheesy song. To me "Don't Forget" was great because it had no fillers, was pop rock like this CD but also it had more balance material-wise. This CD is mostly sad breakup songs. The first CD has them too but it's not littered with them. Balance is key and that's why this is her second best. "Don't Forget" > "Here We Go Again" >> "Demi" >> "Unbroken".

    2013年 11月 1日 回复
  • MrMovinOn

    Best Demi album by a mile

    2013年 10月 20日 回复
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