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Dark Tranquillity



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组队国籍: 瑞典
  组建时间: 1989
  Death Metal/Black Metal(死亡/黑色金属)
  Heavy Metal(重金属)
  Scandinavian Metal(斯堪的纳维亚金属)
  Genre(s):Melodic Death, Gothenburg
  所属唱片公司:Century Media

  通常,失眠症带给人的折磨是一种无法忍受的痛苦,然而对DARK TRANQUILLITY来说,黑暗中的那份宁静却让人体验到前所未有的美妙感觉:血液的流动,失落的愁绪,都以百倍的放大在黑夜中呈现出来,痛苦的极致就会 另有一种难以名状的快感。 90年代早期的死亡金属已经发展至比较成熟的阶段,当然其局限性也是显而易见的,固定的模式和相对单调的表现手法已渐渐束缚了它本身的发展。与此同时瑞典一批极富创新精神的艺术家们已经在酝酿一场改变死亡金属面貌的运动,这便是著名的”哥德堡之声”(Gothenburg Sound),而DARK TRANQUILLITY正是发起这场革命的奠基者之一。 成立于1989年冬天的DARK TRANQUILLITY其原始成员包括Anders Friden (主唱),Mikael Stanne (吉他), Niklas Sundin (吉他), Martin Henriksson (贝司), Anders Jivarp (鼓)。乐队早期的小样EP包括:”Trail of life decayed” demo/EP 1991 ,”A moonclad reflection” EP 1992 ,”Tranquillity” cassette EP 1992 ,由于都是限量发行,这使得今天再能找到这些原始录音变得弥足珍贵,比如A Moonclad Reflection在黑市上的价格就已经开到50美元,是原来的十倍。经过长期的磨合,1993年,D.T.终于在芬兰厂牌Spinefarm旗下发行了乐队的第一张正式专辑Skydancer(空舞者)。这一时期的D.T.在歌词创作方面都是由Sundin,Stanne两人包办,受英国浪漫诗人雪莱,拜伦的影响比较大,而音乐方面,残忍攻击下所不能掩盖的凄美忧郁气质更形成了D.T.独树一帜的非线性结构。这种旋律化的死亡金属开始引起整个斯堪的纳维亚金属圈的瞩目,并纷纷效仿,直至后来形成NWoSDM(New Wave of Swedish Death Metal)。 95年的EP—Of Chaos and Eternal Night(混沌和长夜)将这种风格延续并固定下来,这时候的旋律死亡已经可以单独作为一种音乐类型来讨论了。随后D.T.改签了法国的厂牌Osmose Productions,而主唱Anders Friden由于音乐方面以及对自己在乐队中的位置问题与乐队发生摩擦,最终离开了D.T.








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  • Cabrasevera

    I love DT for that, they can Mix electronic music with death metal in a very unique way and without sound dumb, most of the other bands that do the same just sound like generic Industrial metal.

    昨天 20:00 回复
  • Borreh

    I never stated they are industrial. I know many bands which use trance and electronica elements and yet they are considered "electronic metal" or "industrial metal" (Sybreed, Neurotech, Mechina, to name a few among many many more). Dark Tranquillity do the same, and yet everybody ignores that. I don't want everyone to start tagging DT as "electronic metal" (altough I find this tag perfectly fitting, apart from "melodic death metal" of course), but the absence of any mention of electronics when DT is the topic discussed is just odd to me.

    7月 25日 17:16 回复
  • Symbolofallloss

    Borreh they are not Industrial at all, Industrial has nothing to do with synths and electronic. Dark Tranquillity uses Trance and Electronica elements in their music, albums like Damage Done, Character and Fiction.

    7月 25日 12:56 回复
  • Borreh

    ... Those songs, at times, sound like freaking God Is An Astronaut. I really love the evolution of DT. I have no idea how can one say they're repetetive - I've heard a ton of repetetive bands, and they ain't one of them for sure.

    7月 25日 2:03 回复
  • Borreh

    Also, I don't have anything against a guitar-oriented record, but please don't make it a "Character 2.0". For me, that's their weakest album. Absolutely and incredibly bland apart from 3-4 songs. I really loved what they did later. "Fiction" was an incredibly fun, melodic, slightly goth-ish album, "We Are The Void" was a killer CD; Hard to get into, mid-paced, with lots of more experimental and electronic-focused moments, but once you've gotten your hang around it, its rich and convoluted sound was nothing short of spectacular. Simillar for "Construct" - More energic and straightforward like Character, melodic and atmospheric like Fiction, with tons of great synth parts and more complex arrangements in the vein of WATV. I also like the new additions - More diversified guitar play (the variety is astounding, miles better than Character's monotone MDM riffing), and even post-rock (yes) inspired passages (For Broken Words, What Only You Know, Weight Of The End)...

    7月 25日 2:01 回复
  • Borreh

    Lately I've been listening to DT again (Damnit how good this band it) and one thing popped into my head. Why no "electronic" or "industrial" tags? Yeah, I get it, funding father of melodic death metal et cetera yada yada. But for most of their career DT used a shitton of synths and electronics. More so than many "industrial metal" bands. Damnit, they're more "cyber" than Fear Factory for crying out loud. Why everyone keeps on not noticing those elements? They're not a one-off gimmick, they're an integral part of the music.

    7月 25日 1:52 回复
  • TerrorBinary


    7月 24日 17:48 回复
  • ThrashGangsters

    Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun" http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ASElY8nkIxw

    7月 20日 18:42 回复
  • Symbolofallloss

    Lesbian Metal, this is one of the oldest Lesbian Metal bands.

    7月 8日 15:22 回复
  • Alice_North

    This is one of the oldest melodeath bands that have aged well [2], yeah, I listen to The Gallery and We are the Void with the same pleasure.

    7月 4日 12:42 回复
  • spineshank155

    This is one of the oldest melodeath bands that have aged well, looking forward to hearing the new album.

    6月 26日 18:47 回复
  • Neonar

    Didnt mean that other good ones dont exist. Just that it is harder to find ones that really stick.

    6月 25日 22:03 回复
  • versionfiv

    there are other good ones

    6月 25日 17:38 回复
  • Neonar

    The first melodeath band I've really enjoyed, they sound great. [4] The first and the last, I think. [4]

    6月 25日 10:49 回复
  • Sir_David_Jones

    Was "Misery's Crown" always so popular?

    6月 9日 16:39 回复
  • FatalErr0r

    It's been almost 10 years since I started listening to DT and they still remain the best melodeath band.

    6月 8日 13:57 回复
  • CVince9

    @Kaiser_19 that comment alone is an insult to the musicians you mentioned.

    6月 5日 9:48 回复
  • tanbo801

    Great band...

    5月 28日 15:04 回复
  • LordNothingness

    Great band...

    5月 28日 7:34 回复
  • Reparations

    I didn't remember how fucking cool Damage Done was.

    5月 25日 21:45 回复
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