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负责人: tinnitustimulus
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创建日期: 2005年 4月 25日
experimental, drone, avant-jazz, psyche-folk, harsh noise, avant garde...

it's our noise.

it's my hope that if you're interested in joining this group, you're interested in experimental music and want to discover more interesting music. there's enough lame ass indie-rock groups out there, but i don't feel that there's enough quality noise, experimental, folk groups. ideally, i wish that we, as a collective, can reverse this trend and make an appealing group for people who have a diverse interest in more experimental forms of music. namely, whatever defies or belies the things passing for music these days, independent or otherwise. i'm more interested in establishing a sense of community with people who care deeply about music, than having a ton of people join the group that don't really care about this kind of music and have nothing to contribute.

p.s. - i delete spammy shoutbox comments. if you want to promote your projects, there's a thread in the forum for doing so.






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