destroying bedtime one hour at a time

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music + the a.m.

music shall overpower sleep.
sleep is for the weak.
music is for the strong.
who needs sleep when there is music?
music can do all the refueling your body requires.

if all too often you are up late at night with no desire to sleep, the only urge in your body driving you to listen to music..
then this group is for you.
if an ipod (or zune!) is needed in order for you to get any sleep at all..
then this group is for you.
if your best (or only) thoughts come to you in the a.m. and you stay up to catch them..
then this group is for you.

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  • smileyface237

    'just one more song' Yes, yes, that's it. Then I'll sleep. Yes, of course I will... [4]

    3月 8日 16:12 回复
  • AsepticVoid

    Aseptic Void - Carnal #darkambient #isolationism #soundscape #asepticvoid

    2014年 9月 22日 回复
  • gallen013

    Should have been asleep when I turned the stack of records over and over So I wouldn't be up by myself Where did the night go? -Gil Scott Heron

    2014年 8月 23日 回复
  • louiam


    2014年 2月 22日 回复
  • Hitsujimi

    Music just stole me 2 hours of sleep now. :) Hope you can all resist the temptation.

    2013年 10月 13日 回复
  • kissesneverdie

    usually reading/writing/video games/music helps keep the sandman at bay.

    2013年 10月 7日 回复
  • vegan2012

    'just one more song' Yes, yes, that's it. Then I'll sleep. Yes, of course I will... [3]

    2013年 6月 29日 回复
  • gallen013

    'just one more song' Yes, yes, that's it. Then I'll sleep. Yes, of course I will...

    2013年 5月 27日 回复
  • HimitsuUK

    'just one more song' ...

    2013年 5月 13日 回复
  • JimCunningham

    lo, the group where radiohead on no.1 finally makes sense!

    2013年 3月 8日 回复
  • iamjackadee

    This group is the story of my life.

    2013年 1月 21日 回复
  • louiam

    ambient music and comics. and infomercials muted on the tv.

    2013年 1月 19日 回复
  • SiberianKissed

    I regret staying up late for music every darn morning, yet I do keep on going for years now... It's a real passion, no doubt about it.

    2012年 11月 25日 回复
  • hauzzer

    5:00 AM for the who knows which day in a row? Oh, look, I've just finished downloading 100 CDs of Beethoven.

    2012年 11月 12日 回复
  • Sonic_Alkaline

    P.S. Leonard Cohen rules the twilight of the ungodly hours!

    2012年 9月 28日 回复
  • Sonic_Alkaline

    Neon_Spadezzz!!! Funny running into you here! Pure f-ing coincidence! Hahaha! I second what she wrote, as I couldn't have said it better myself!

    2012年 9月 28日 回复
  • AmySantini

    Great presentation text!

    2012年 9月 24日 回复
  • Shamit_Sharif

    Insomnia and death metal

    2012年 8月 11日 回复
  • fallencowboy

    I literally listen to music for probably about 9/10 of my day. Every chance I get I listen to it. I've got the Spotify Premium and it has really helped my musical taste to flourish. This group is awesome

    2012年 8月 9日 回复
  • Neon_Spadezzz

    I approve of vampirism. The moon is for the unafraid. :)

    2012年 7月 28日 回复
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