People with no social lives that listen to more music than is healthy who are…

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  • v4zquez

    Becasue I've never sent a friend equest to anyone! BD? what BD? BDSM?

    12 分钟前 回复
  • Keolia

    Well some are. Some men are, too.

    1 小时前 回复
  • witch_possessed

    so all women r insecure, sad and suicidal? or just the feminists? or is it just German feminists? most chicks in BD look very happy to me

    昨天 18:32 回复
  • rougenoir


    昨天 16:04 回复
  • witch_possessed

    why dont u send her a request then

    昨天 15:21 回复
  • v4zquez

    Damn, I wish I was her friend...

    昨天 12:40 回复
  • v4zquez

    Maybe she's so cool she can befriend everyone she ants!

    昨天 12:40 回复
  • rougenoir

    I used to, but nowadays I look if they fit ... or talk to me ;).

    昨天 12:37 回复
  • Dlartrisky

    I don't understand how Turkishunicorn2 can befriend way too much friends, there probably are some who wouldn't accept her requests...

    昨天 08:01 回复
  • rougenoir

    You're wrong ... that's also true for grown up women ... like me. Just that I already know friends don't make you happy.

    昨天 22:13 回复
  • witch_possessed

    well maybe she wants a friend but doesnt have any so she adds people in teenage chicks r often insecure, sad and suicidal. maybe she'll kill herself soon

    11月 21日 19:02 回复
  • v4zquez

    That's crazy!

    11月 21日 18:43 回复
  • witch_possessed

    i dont know. shes only 17 years old so shes highly likely to get past 50000. she'll probably get past 100000

    11月 21日 17:58 回复
  • Keolia

    How is that even possible?? Do you just send a friend request to literally every profile you visit or something?

    11月 21日 16:42 回复
  • witch_possessed

    Turkishunicorn2 has 11699 friends

    11月 21日 15:16 回复
  • Keolia

    I'd like to think he's trolling. But i've been surprised many times by how serious some people actually are.

    11月 20日 14:18 回复
  • Thrash_Balls

    That guy really needs to get some sleep because he's starting to imagine that he has the best music library that you ever seen :3

    11月 20日 9:39 回复
  • v4zquez

    No, I doubt it. I'm a really doubtful man.

    11月 19日 19:03 回复
  • SPaGetTea

    I have the best music library that you ever seen :3

    11月 19日 17:24 回复
  • rougenoir

    I can't since I'm with the family, but I usually listen to music if I'm not watching or listening to something else. Like podcasts.

    11月 18日 20:58 回复
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