People with no social lives that listen to more music than is healthy who are…

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  • rougenoir

    That's the spirit! ;) I'm no vegetarian either, but I can live very well without eating it often ... like once every few weeks. As I did on saturday. Shockiiing! Most nutrients you can get elsewhere ... except vitamin B12 (which can be produced artificially and then be put into Marmite, haha). I'm more focussed on all the other issues of meat 'production' and the consequences ... for like everyone and everything, yay. And these things could get much better with less instead of 'nothing' already.

    昨天晚上 回复
  • Izale

    Admittedly I don't think I could live without meat...that being said...I could live with less.

    昨天 18:25 回复
  • rougenoir

    That doesn't look very well researched. :P

    昨天 17:19 回复
  • v4zquez

    There are only good consequences with meat, unless you're other blood type than 0...

    昨天 12:47 回复
  • rougenoir

    Oh those pork-eaters. So intolerant and hating on vegetarians ... or vegans. Or just normal people who consider which other consequences it has to eat (too much) meat. (It's rather beef anyway.)

    昨天 07:36 回复
  • Izale

    I'll take her pork chop if its on offer =D

    昨天 00:56 回复
  • v4zquez

    only meeeeeeeeat, go be vegetarian somewhere else!

    昨天 00:10 回复
  • mrpaul01

    Clearly you aren't American.

    昨天 23:13 回复
  • rougenoir

    Yes, of course.

    昨天 22:32 回复
  • Izale

    A porkless pork chop sandwich?

    昨天 22:17 回复
  • rougenoir

    No, I'd prefer something with less pork.

    昨天 22:10 回复
  • Izale


    昨天 21:37 回复
  • mrpaul01

    Pork chop sandwiches!!!

    昨天 21:12 回复
  • Izale

    Is it dinner, and does it smell awesome?

    昨天 20:34 回复
  • v4zquez

    neither will I, something smells here...

    昨天 20:28 回复
  • rougenoir

    :O ... why not?

    7月 27日 17:49 回复
  • deneika_

    Sorry... but I won't follow you.

    7月 27日 14:56 回复
  • rougenoir

    I will follow hiiiiim, follow him wherever heeeee may goooo. There isn't an ocean too deep, a mountain too high to keep me awaaaaay.

    7月 27日 14:48 回复
  • RushingFM if you can, follow me, and I shall follow you :D

    7月 27日 13:19 回复
  • deneika_

    Hahahahahaa jump jump jump baby jump with mehh hahahaha ohhhh your are .... crazy! It seems italy Or not?

    7月 26日 22:22 回复
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