People with no social lives that listen to more music than is healthy who are…

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yay for stupidly long group names


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  • rougenoir

    The stupid video just stopped after a while. But then again, I know who the murderer was anyway (All ... in "Murder on the Orient Express" and that son living in ... Africa I think ... in "A Pocket full of Rye" ... oh no, spoleralerrrrrt!!)

    4 小时前 回复
  • deneika_


    4 小时前 回复
  • rougenoir

    Have I even asked? :P ... I bet it's way too perverted for my poor ears anyway. Back to good ol' fashioned Agatha -slightly problematic- Christie, yo!

    昨天 22:51 回复
  • YouHungYourself

    don't we all ;)

    昨天 22:20 回复
  • deneika_

    Vasssquesss: yeep I did... and now, time to wait ;); Rougenoir: hahahahaha I can't tell you our conversations... they are private... :p buuut I know some of your fancies... :p

    昨天 22:17 回复
  • rougenoir

    You are obviously not up-to-date about my current fancies.

    昨天 19:33 回复
  • v4zquez

    yeah, I thought so too ;/ wait... WHAT?

    昨天 16:54 回复
  • rougenoir

    Ooooh ... I already thought you were talking about dildo conversation.

    昨天 16:45 回复
  • v4zquez

    did you call me?

    昨天 16:31 回复
  • deneika_

    Because I'm feeling so bad :(((((

    昨天 13:09 回复
  • rougenoir


    昨天 11:42 回复
  • deneika_

    Vassssssquesssssss, check The last conversation!

    昨天 09:48 回复
  • rougenoir

    Dairy ... products!

    7月 23日 21:12 回复
  • deneika_

    Hahahahaha dear dear dear dear computa! :O

    7月 23日 21:00 回复
  • rougenoir

    Yes, we are all big putas behind our computa ... (you've learned German accent?) there's just no pay ... maybe we should change that.

    7月 23日 20:48 回复
  • YouHungYourself

    computa? you are both machines?! :O ... oh dear dear dear deary me :P

    7月 23日 20:46 回复
  • rougenoir

    Uuuh, a small one ... like a child? Ewww ... but since you are a grown up woman ... that's not an option ;).

    7月 23日 19:55 回复
  • deneika_

    Or putita; that's a small puta Or in some affectionate sense.... as you wish

    7月 23日 19:24 回复
  • rougenoir

    Muy putatious puta, mi companera. ;)

    7月 23日 19:19 回复
  • deneika_

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yes... I said dear, why not? Muahhhahahahahahaha call me puta again :)))))) I like it!

    7月 23日 19:18 回复
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