People with no social lives that listen to more music than is healthy who are…

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yay for stupidly long group names


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  • rougenoir

    Or if you can't afford the taxi.

    10月 27日 15:34 回复
  • witch_possessed

    u gotta take the bus when u cant find the taxi. mortality probability is also higher under the bus than taxi

    10月 27日 10:52 回复
  • v4zquez

    that's a trash topic Thrash_Balls!

    10月 27日 10:21 回复
  • Thrash_Balls

    like Eric Cartman

    10月 27日 3:29 回复
  • Thrash_Balls

    Speaking of under the bus, I think we live in a society were too many people are thrown under the bus, discuss.

    10月 27日 2:48 回复
  • witch_possessed

    there r also two Most Interesting Song threads and two Random threads. probably the latter ones were created cause the original ones had bugs or something

    10月 26日 9:59 回复
  • v4zquez

    Why are there 2 (verbally: two) "Taste-o-meter for above user" threads? Can anyone explain this to me please?

    10月 26日 0:11 回复
  • v4zquez

    so awkward

    10月 25日 15:53 回复
  • v4zquez

    GPS fool!!! and you don't need to ask anyone duh...

    10月 25日 15:52 回复
  • rougenoir

    Or the tram.

    10月 25日 1:57 回复
  • Keolia

    She should have just taken the bus.

    10月 24日 23:18 回复
  • Chuy89

    At the bus stop an old lady came up to me and asked "young man what's the quickest way to get the hospital?" So I pushed her under a bus...

    10月 24日 8:17 回复
  • v4zquez

    sure, no problem, always ask, we like to talk about our langauge

    10月 23日 20:31 回复
  • witch_possessed

    thanks for clearing that up. sounded similar to me but what the fuck do i know

    10月 23日 19:37 回复
  • v4zquez

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!! Czechs speak old funny version of west-slavic langauge it's an archaic Polish language :P and totally different than ours :P although one of the most simillar alongside Slovakian....

    10月 23日 18:41 回复
  • Luky7

    * Czech Hip-Hop

    10月 23日 18:01 回复
  • witch_possessed

    i love how Czech sounds. do Czechs and Polish people speak the same language?

    10月 23日 17:50 回复
  • Keolia

    If Fall Out Boy were a food, I wonder what it would be? Probably warm flat beer.

    10月 23日 12:12 回复
  • v4zquez

    Terrible, terrible music.

    10月 23日 7:48 回复
  • Thrash_Balls

    Maybe not, maybe no one should.

    10月 23日 0:39 回复
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