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负责人: the_red_ceiling, Thrasherized, agent_logic, donBastardoMonadArt
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创建日期: 2006年 2月 25日
Do you like metal? Power? Thrash? Death? Black? Progressive? Do you like other genres of music too? Are Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Opeth in your top 50 along with The Beatles? Radiohead? Why can't...

NEW: Ahoy there! As part of our elaborate world domination plans, the group is now available on Facebook too. Join us as we spread anarchy and debauchery (and some good music in between) worldwide and take over the world!

Semi-official statement: Dear Oxymoronized Onionminded Metalheads™, supporters and random visitors - there have been certain thoughts at the headquarters, about declaring the 4th of June as International Troll Day, in honor of Mr. Trololo, so that the day of his departure would be remembered by all the citizens of the internet. What say you?

Hi traveller, take a close look at the charts for these are the most open-minded ones you will ever see. You may ask why? Or how come? Or how dare you? Or *insert random question here*, or even WTF? In any case, the answer is rather simple: those charts are carefully hand- and ear-crafted by us - Oxymoronized Onionminded Metalheads™, (group of most open-minded people in the whole known (and possibly unknown) universe), and approved by almighty Onion Gods. And wait, there's more...well, actually there isn't, so enjoy your visit and stay random.
- Courtesy donBastardo

Unique group plays explained here.

No douchebags. Please make recommendations. Thank you.

If anything bothers you about this group, please message a couple of the leaders.

Please do not advertise groups in the forum here. (Journal articles are okay)


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