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创建日期: 2006年 2月 25日
Do you like metal? Power? Thrash? Death? Black? Progressive? Do you like other genres of music too? Are Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Opeth in your top 50 along with The Beatles? Radiohead? Why can't...

NEW: Ahoy there! As part of our elaborate world domination plans, the group is now available on Facebook too. Join us as we spread anarchy and debauchery (and some good music in between) worldwide and take over the world!

Semi-official statement: Dear Oxymoronized Onionminded Metalheads™, supporters and random visitors - there have been certain thoughts at the headquarters, about declaring the 4th of June as International Troll Day, in honor of Mr. Trololo, so that the day of his departure would be remembered by all the citizens of the internet. What say you?

Hi traveller, take a close look at the charts for these are the most open-minded ones you will ever see. You may ask why? Or how come? Or how dare you? Or *insert random question here*, or even WTF? In any case, the answer is rather simple: those charts are carefully hand- and ear-crafted by us - Oxymoronized Onionminded Metalheads™, (group of most open-minded people in the whole known (and possibly unknown) universe), and approved by almighty Onion Gods. And wait, there's more...well, actually there isn't, so enjoy your visit and stay random.
- Courtesy donBastardo

Unique group plays explained here.

No douchebags. Please make recommendations. Thank you.

If anything bothers you about this group, please message a couple of the leaders.

Please do not advertise groups in the forum here. (Journal articles are okay)






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  • agent_logic

    Yo yo yo my fellow openminded metardheads, what's popping (besides the cherries)?

    昨天 19:12 回复
  • AmexNori

    On the 25th of september we will kick off a brand new website with review, interview and articles. That day we'll post an extended review for the Incubate festival, review from several bands and acts and (if all goes well) an interview with Dutch prog rock gods Kong. The name of the site is Merchants of Air and the link is We mainly focus on the lesser known/popular regions of the musical universe, such as (Dark) Ambient, Experimental, Post-Rock, Indie, Industrial,... So come take a look, have your album reviewed (info in the 'about us' section) and enjoy some good music with us...

    9月 9日 15:53 回复
  • dimar292

    DIMAR292 DMITRY ZHURAVLEV artist profile on Songstall

    8月 16日 11:30 回复
  • RicardoCarmine

    i dont know what soccer is, but football is awesome

    8月 9日 17:49 回复
  • LurkingInShadow

    Soccer bores me. I don't even like watching it.

    8月 9日 6:28 回复
  • RicardoCarmine

    show some respect for the best sports in the world you.. openminded metalheads!

    8月 9日 1:36 回复
  • LurkingInShadow

    Germany won the World Cup.

    7月 19日 0:48 回复
  • donBastardo

    lurking: It's a deal then. Any other requests for important posts? Also, i still have no idea about world it over yet? Did the sports won?

    7月 8日 20:09 回复
  • LurkingInShadow

    Mexico is going to lose against the Netherlands. And this is coming from a half Mexican. donBastardo, trust me. I can get gocused and bloodthirsty. And merciless. And ruthless. And relentless.

    6月 29日 7:52 回复
  • Thrasherized

    As a mexican I must say that I FUCKING LOVE WORLDCUP. GO MEXICO!!!!!!! Thanks.

    6月 25日 1:39 回复
  • donBastardo

    I watched, once, almost fell asleep but beer improved the watching experience tremendously...still don't remember who were playing or who won though.

    6月 23日 16:34 回复
  • ferociousdanny

    Is anyone watching this demonstration of theatrics better known as the world cup?

    6月 18日 5:28 回复
  • donBastardo

    @Lurking: well, why not, if you're bloodthirsty enough, but able to stay calm and focused...and have love for onions. War on, bro! Also, i'm extremely disappointed with being broken as fuck lately.

    6月 12日 20:15 回复
  • Lee-Xai

    artagainstagony - Djent/Progressive Metal/Jazz/Instrumental

    6月 12日 13:59 回复
  • LurkingInShadow

    donBastardo, if you let me be your military leader when you rule the world, I will get you every beer in exist. All you have to do is pay me in 5 Gum.

    6月 6日 8:04 回复
  • getgreens

    6月 3日 21:31 回复
  • donBastardo

    Hello Yss. :) President of the world is never off-topic. Free beer for everyone! All hail Onion gods..

    6月 1日 22:46 回复
  • Thrasherized

    This might be off-topic (or not) but I think we should vote for don for president of the world.

    6月 1日 19:14 回复
  • LurkingInShadow

    Damn people and their ability having a life off the Internet.

    5月 31日 8:56 回复
  • donBastardo

    Hi agent man, i think this is what's happening. Oxymorons nowadays have too much real life, i tell you.

    5月 25日 10:01 回复
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