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创建日期: 2006年 2月 25日
Do you like metal? Power? Thrash? Death? Black? Progressive? Do you like other genres of music too? Are Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Opeth in your top 50 along with The Beatles? Radiohead? Why can't...

NEW: Ahoy there! As part of our elaborate world domination plans, the group is now available on Facebook too. Join us as we spread anarchy and debauchery (and some good music in between) worldwide and take over the world!

Semi-official statement: Dear lurking ladies and new female members, feel free to chime in with your randomness in our shoutbox and in the forums, we won't bite! No guarantees that we won't ogle, though. ;)

Hi traveller, take a close look at the charts for these are the most open-minded ones you will ever see. You may ask why? Or how come? Or how dare you? Or *insert random question here*, or even WTF? In any case, the answer is rather simple: those charts are carefully hand- and ear-crafted by us - Oxymoronized Onionminded Metalheads™, (group of most open-minded people in the whole known (and possibly unknown) universe), and approved by almighty Onion Gods. And wait, there's more...well, actually there isn't, so enjoy your visit and stay random.
- Courtesy donBastardo


No douchebags. Please make recommendations. Thank you.

If anything bothers you about this group, please message a couple of the leaders.

Please do not advertise groups in the forum here. (Journal articles are okay)


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  • witch_possessed

    dont think myself as openminded or metalhead but whatever. i probably qualify

    昨天 20:35 回复
  • Taggueg

    @Trasher: 100 Sympathy-points for playing Mortal Kombat + 10 Bonus-points for saying it´s beautiful. ^^

    7月 24日 9:00 回复
  • Taggueg

    Cool. Borderlands 2 is an excellent and funny game! Played it for weeks when it came out. You play it on the 360?

    7月 24日 8:57 回复
  • ferociousdanny

    Recently begun playing Borderlands 2 with the g/f. Add me on XBox LIve: Opethian

    7月 24日 4:13 回复
  • Thrasherized

    Welcome, Sharifa! Definitely this place fits you, you won't regret joining!

    7月 19日 12:37 回复
  • Sharifa_

    i think this place fits me

    7月 19日 8:16 回复
  • Thrasherized

    Somehow I felt you guys were talking about videogames and here I am. Mortal Kombat is beautiful, I can't stop playing it. <3

    7月 18日 21:23 回复
  • agent_logic

    @Sonic: Yeah, Minecraft. But we all know that's a shitty game that's only played by "gamers" with a 2 digit IQ. *runs away*

    7月 6日 15:15 回复
  • SonicX

    Sooo... is there anything that won't require a 7-core (each 6.0 Ghz), 128.1 TB RAM, 1.8 TB HUMOUR HD™ (Hyper-Ultra-Mega-Outstanding Unbelievably Real High Definition) video card to run? And for Pete's sake, would someone PLEASE change Conchita Wurst's photo? Food products with facial hair make me cringe...

    7月 6日 8:21 回复
  • Taggueg

    MORTAL COMBAAAT!!! Totally rulez! And Streetfighter V also looks good! ^^

    7月 2日 14:49 回复
  • LoopZoop


    7月 1日 17:46 回复

    the witcher GOTY

    6月 26日 19:02 回复
  • Overdose52

    Urrr... Fallout 4? That game will poop on everything, especially with a PC mod community. Don't get why people would be looking forward to Bkack Ops that series just sums up what agent_logic said about same old shit with shinier graphics.

    6月 23日 21:43 回复
  • agent_logic

    Jajajaja, lo digo en serio. :P But Fallout 4 and The Division (and *maybe* Batman: Arkham Knight, despite the last game being horrendously repetitive, short and disappointing) has me a little excited. Until then, it's just GTA Online and replaying older games for me.

    6月 23日 8:09 回复
  • ferociousdanny

    Agent: no seas pajero. ;P

    6月 23日 3:23 回复
  • agent_logic

    Video games are getting shittier by the day (or maybe I'm growing old into a grumpy man who hates teenagers?). E3 was pretty disappointing IMO. Nothing new, and every studio vomitting out the same old shit with shinier graphics. @FoxMan: I don't go there any more, my feed is full of pretentious, vain shit and crappy memes. These days, I just share stuff and reply if anyone cares to comment on it.

    6月 22日 13:56 回复
  • LurkingInShadow

    I only care for Black Ops III, Uncharted 4, God of War 4, Batman: Arkham Knight.

    6月 22日 7:30 回复
  • ferociousdanny

    So...what did everyone think of the E3 showcase this year? Anything you're excited or upset about? Pre-ordered?

    6月 21日 22:21 回复
  • SonicX

    Aww, many thanks to you, oh, omnipotent one, that sure is a surprise! I'm getting too old for me own good. Should probably come back to Facebook now... some day... ͼ(ݓ_ݓ)ͽ

    6月 21日 11:14 回复
  • agent_logic

    btw, tfw no waifu.

    6月 20日 12:12 回复
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