• Buttonman 说...
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    • 2006年 12月 20日, 1:34


    What's up with the forum? Is it being "rennovated" or something?

    • laichzeit 说...
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    • 2006年 12月 30日, 9:22

    Bloody thing it is..

    Oh we had some 'bugs' to sort out took bloody hours of fiddling with the site's code till I found the problem.
    All back to normal now, I have been pretty flat out lately but should be adding a few new things over the next couple of weeks

    • F_GX 说...
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    • 2007年 1月 19日, 9:42
    Maybe you shouldn't spend so much time at the beach, boss *laughs* :D

    • laichzeit 说...
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    • 2007年 1月 22日, 19:49
    Haha smartarse! But it's summer, I neeeeeeeed it

    • F_GX 说...
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    • 2007年 1月 22日, 23:09
    My Grandpa used to say:

    "You need hard work, a pair of Weißwurscht and Deutschemusik!"

    Or somethin' like that, and he was right! ^^

  • Oh hai.

    • Totenmond 说...
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    • 2009年 3月 5日, 19:29
    Seems the forum is gone for good now, heh? I guess lack of recent activity triggered this decision.