Destroy Racism!

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负责人: Grecucristian
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创建日期: 2006年 7月 30日
This is a group for people who are against racism and fascism. Hate and violence is the last refuge of the stupid, blind, indoctrinated, intolerant ones! Destroy their system of thought!

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  • PunkyPlugInReva

    I found this group via TDEP's page and honestly the fact that this page exists is excellent.

    12月 6日 9:23 回复
  • Lazybone1

    @Krigsrop_azz: That's bullshit.

    11月 22日 17:58 回复
  • Krigsrop_azz

    Racism will be destroyed when every race have mixed together into a gray, worthless being. The Genocide of every race in the name of equallity, will result in this. Hail the anti-human ideology of our time.

    10月 28日 19:44 回复
  • PeaceloveK

    Destroy Racism! Destroy Racism! Destroy Racism! Destroy Racism! I hate racism and nazism....

    9月 10日 23:08 回复
  • Zephral

    oy vey

    8月 28日 22:45 回复
  • DoMi_NoiSe

    dyulike ?

    8月 19日 15:14 回复
  • meld0n

    Also, Animals as Leaders has people of color and Cattle Decapitation is like a militant left-wing vegan band. You suck at Nazi, dude.

    8月 16日 16:53 回复
  • meld0n

    PRetty sure waarsnico is a troll since no self-respecting neo-nazi would listen to Suffocation since, you know, there a Black people in that band. Also: liberal?! Fuck liberals, yo. Most liberals are also racist bigots.

    8月 16日 16:34 回复
  • waarsnico

    @reza767 Because this page is ran by guilt-ridden, self-loathing liberals.

    7月 30日 8:57 回复
  • waarsnico

    Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer, Sieg Heil!!

    7月 30日 8:48 回复
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia dla wszystkich członków grupy

    7月 27日 17:55 回复
  • PutridBastard

    @jokerburn: nice way to represent an anti-racism ideology by creating a "TRUE" group, and what do you exactly do?? separate the TRUE from the non-TRUE?? isn't that racism aswell??

    7月 5日 20:45 回复
  • jokerburn

    Everyone who is against Racism join my group True Hardcore

    4月 23日 9:56 回复
  • reza767

    Racism is not Nazism! We have an extreme racism in US and especially European countries! I can't understand why do many people attack a dead man and a dead ideology?!

    3月 11日 17:21 回复
  • versionfiv

    wow there's a guy with two nearly naked men rubbing each other in this shoutbox and you didn't go crazy over that. your avatar is also too sexual, someone should delete you, i'm an adult and don't want to see these abused women acting like sluts.... eewwww... i don't care if its a guy or girl, it's way too sexual for, there are children! that animation is not allowed on!

    1月 18日 23:38 回复
  • naturefirst

    Nelson Mandela RIP never forget . All prostituled political leader to be in the shade ! Conversion sucks !!!!! Free life for all .

    2013年 12月 7日 回复
  • Necro_Shur

    Hello we hardcore/grindcore band from russia ufa city

    2013年 11月 2日 回复
  • TheDarkSide73

    @ Stretchead...You only know about the racism in Germany but not in the U.S...I was talking about the racism here in the U.S...Between the idiot black and white supremacy groups..

    2013年 8月 2日 回复
  • vit0rr

    Worthless NEW EP:

    2013年 8月 1日 回复
  • Stretchead

    @TheDarkSide73- It's not as simple as that... or have the Black Panthers killed millions of people? I certainly see a huge difference between minorities defending their rights and the holocaust. Think again please.

    2013年 7月 26日 回复
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